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Car and Driver race series - June 11 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI

Looking for a thrill? Feeling like pushing your car to the limits? Want your car to be on television nationwide (Spike TV)? Then come with W3SI to participate and/or watch this incredible event!

The CAR and DRIVER RACE SERIES is designed to let you drive your car as fast as you can in a safe, professionally managed environment. The event will test your driver skill and car control in 3 unique driver’s skill challenges. Hold on tight as you rip through the extensive labyrinth of cones on the AutoX Challenge. Feel your blood boil as you drop the hammer on the 100-yard Acceleration challenge and enjoy a free lesson in physics as you fight lateral g-forces on the Skidpad Challenge! Time is your enemy as you race against the clock. Kill a cone or slide off course and suffer a time penalty. Where else can you drive your car as fast as possible without getting a ticket? The Precision Racing Organization offers car classes to ensure you are competitive whether you drive a Pinto or a Ferrari. Winners in each class are determined by combining each competitor’s best time from each driving skill challenge.

The Car and Driver event is on June 11th and 12th. W3SI's gathering will be on the 11th, however, we imagine some (if not most of us) will attend both days. This is a great opportunity for the club to show off it's cars and grab the spotlight.

So far, W3SI members, Jesse Rink, Scott Cowan, and Josh Peterson are planning on participating. Hopefully we'll get a few others as well. Participation is $99, and it's free to spectate. More information about the event and rule criteria can be found at http://www.precisionracing.org/.

If we get enough signups, we will likely be able to get a spot reserved at the event for our cars from our conversations with Car and Driver officials. If you plan on attending or participating, please let us know here: http://www.w3si.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7732#7732

More information to come!!