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October 17th 2004 - W3SI Road America Gathering - Recap and Review


W3SI ventured up once again to Elkhart Lake to visit the world renowned road course, Road America, as part of the Speed Seekers event. There were 6 3/S' that ran throughout the weekend: Philip G, Jack T, Jon Wieman, Aaron Eckert, Jesse Rink, and Scott Cowan. A few other W3SI members showed up throughout the event to hang out and check out the road racing scene.

The weekend was very cold and Saturday saw its' share of rain, drizzle, sleet, and even light hail. Luckily none of our cars were damaged during their track time. Sunday's weather improved and spirits were a little higher.

Jesse's track built Stealth ran flawlessly and finally mananged to work out the suspension kinks he's been having of late. SJ received some great ride-along instruction from Jack T during the day on Sunday and ran well, despite running street pads. Jack's car was running strong although a slight overheating problem persists - the cause finally seems to be determined after some brainstorming between Jack and Philip and should be fixed for the next open track event.

The weekend was filled with plenty of action and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks to all who came out, we hope you had a great time!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again this April for the next one...

Scott "SJ" Cowan (driver) and Jack T (passenger) heading to the false grid for staging