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September 25th 2004 - W3SI Rural Cruise

This years rural cruise through the Kettle Moraine area was even more successful than last years event. We had a total of *21* cars show up for event which was nearly double what we had last year.

The crew met up in Eagle Village Park and we spent most of our time meeting and greeting familiar faces, and some new ones too. At around 2:00pm, we departed and began our course through some of the greatest roads in Jefferson, Waukesha, and Walworth County. The overall pace this year was a tad slower than last year, but reviews from everyone didn't seem to think it dampened the fun whatsoever. We ended up in Jefferson to grab some food at Jim's Burger Corner where we had quite a few onlookers when the parking lot, which holds maybe 24 cars, was filled with 20 3/S's.

When we left Jefferson, we hit some crazy back roads that allowed us to catch some speed without any nearby traffic. We wound our way back west and eventually came back to the familiar Assman Rd where "farmer Joe" lives with his chickens and assorted animals. Unfortunately, farmer Joe didn't seem to be home this time around so we mingled for awhile, took some pictures and headed off once again.

The rest of the cruise was exhilerating, saving the best roads for last. Once again we hit roads that could easily be mistaken from the Screamin' Eagle rollercoaster at Six Flags. This year, the cruise was around 20 minutes longer as some additional freshly paved windy roads were included in the final run.

The cruise ended back in Eagle and the afterparty at Jesse Rink's house began. Plenty of food, beer, and soda was consumed over the next several hours as members got a chance to hang out. The event wrapped up at about 2:45am, which was not unexpected.

Thanks to everyone who came out, including a few surprises like W3SI member Mike Gardner in his Chrome Illusion stealth who made the trip up from Illinois and our road warrior award went to Zach Chaput who drove down from Eau Claire for the event, an almost 8 hour round trip! We're glad everyone had a wonderful time and we appreciate any feedback about the event.

Click HERE for miscellaneous pictures of the rural cruise gathering.

Click HERE for the Rural Cruise video from Adam Perkins!
(file is 30MB you might have to SAVE AS to your computer)