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April 18th 2004 - W3SI Road America Gathering - Recap and Review



W3SI ventured up to Elkhart Lake to visit the world renowned road course, Road America, as part of the Speed Seekers event. We had 18 3/S's from Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota in attendance. Of the 18 Stealths and 3000GTs that showed up for the gathering, a strong showing of 11 actually participated in the event and saw track time. 3 of those 11 were W3SI members; Jack T, Jesse R, and Scott C. Jack T has seen numerous open track events in his VR4, but for Jesse and Scott, this was their first road course adventure. Both had experienced 3/S instructors (thanks go out to Rich Merritt, Jon Wieman, and Oskar Persson) along for the ride to help them better understand the basics of high performance driving.

The weekend was filled with plenty of action and everyone seemed to have a great time. Several W3SI members who came out to spectate and watch, were able to catch ride-alongs with some of the more experienced drivers which helped them get a better idea what taking turns at 90mph is all about. Overall, there was plenty of buzz during the event and after as well. Thanks to all who came out, we hope you had a great time!