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01/29/06 - Official 2006 Events Schedule Announced
Check out the Upcoming Events page for a current list of official 2006 W3SI events.
06/29/07 - W3SI Forum Reaches 300 Members
We just reached 300 forum members!
09/09/05 - W3SI Forum Reaches 200 Members
Guess what? We just reached 200 forum members. Congrats to all! We've come a long way and we just keep on trucking. Way to go!
04/28/05 - June 11th Gathering - Road and Track race series in Milwaukee
The CAR and DRIVER race series is designed to let you drive your car as fast as you can in a safe, professionally managed environment. Their initial event is in MIlwaukee and W3SI is hosting a gathering there! Click HERE for more information.
03/03/05 - Upper Midwest Gathering in the Wisconsin Dells - May 20-22
Please check out the Upcoming Events page for information regarding the 6th annual Upper Midwest Gathering in the Wisconsin Dells, WI. We are looking to have over 50 cars there this year!
02/16/05 - W3SI announces April gathering at Road America
Please check out the Upcoming Events page for information regarding our 2nd annual Road America gathering this April! Hope to see everyone there!
02/10/05 - W3SI now over 100 members!
Wisconsin 3/S is pleased to announce that we are now over the 100 member plateau! Lucky number 100 is David Bridenhagen from Green Bay, WI who signed up last week. We look forward to meeting many of the new members at the upcoming events scheduled for the club during 2005.
01/06/05 - W3SI Membership List approaching 100 members!

We apologize for the delay in getting the members list updated over the last several weeks. With the holiday season and focusing on updating the website's design, we were a bit delayed in adding the newest members to our database. The good news is that W3SI is rapidly approaching 100 members!! It's amazing to think how many people have signed up over the last 18 months.

If any of the information contained in your membership listing has changed (email address, performance modications, etc.), please contact us at webmaster@w3si.org so we can update it for you.

01/05/05 - Membership Registration working properly again
If you recently tried to fill out a membership form on the Signup page of the website, we likely did NOT receive your information due to a small scripting bug we encountered. Please fill out the information again and we'll get you added to the members list. Thanks for your understanding - W3SI Management
01/01/05 - New Website Design Released!

Happy New Year to all W3SI members!

To help kick off the new year with a bang, Wisconsin 3/S is pleased to announce a newly designed website! The original site design served us well and helped create a central location for members to find out information about upcoming events and correspond with other W3SI members throughout the state. The new design revitalizes the website and helps to provide the aggressive look and style that we think best represents the 3/S.

W3SI would like to extend our thanks to Ben Dolar of NIGHTLIGHT Consulting in Green Bay, WI (www.nightlightconsulting.com) for redesigning our website. We expect Ben to be attending one of our future gatherings as he is currently in the hunt for a 3000GT or Stealth himself!