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Road Racing Videos

Video 1 - (5:50 minutes, 11.5 Megs) - Road America, April 12-13th 2003
Some fast laps and passing the Beluga, The Great White Whale. Somehow I think he was not trying too hard.

Video 2 - (3:03 minutes, 6.0 Megs) - Road America, April 12-13th 2003
Road America, April 12-13th, 2003. I installed the 18" street Kumho 712 tires, which make nice "music" around the track. They were much quieter this time thought after I installed then with a negative camber.

Video 3 - (20 minutes, 64 Megs) *MUST SEE VIDEO!* - Road America, October 18-19th 2003
See the 3/S crew, led by Jack T, blazing past supermodified Z06's, F-Bodies, supercharged track-dedicated S2000, Vipers, race BMW's.

Video 4 - (2:36 minutes, 10 Megs) - Road America, October 15th-16th 2005
"The Mad Russian"

Videos are property of Philip Glazatov at Supercar Engineering. Check them out for some incredible deals on 3/S products such as: Brakes pads and rotors, EGR blockoffs, and more!